Update 30th July 2020

What is worse than a crisis? Surely a protracted crisis that is for some life-threatening and for some a non-event.

The Cantonese might refer to the current situation in our society as that to a mitten crab, hands tied up before being cooked. Sometimes this refers figuratively to persons where their stocks or money/property is tied up and unable to be realised or used due to circumstances. Like the poor crab unable to defend itself we hover about the surgical environment awaiting containment or defeat of the ubiquitous virus.

The guest lecturers and myself prefer to postpone the proposed CPD day of lectures scheduled for September 19. We all prefer a face to face learning environment to distance learning. The practical relevance of lectures and experiences in the field of surgery are often best shared around the coffee urn or over a sandwich during the breaks from didactic lectures.

Varying responses to the lingering outbreaks or spread of the contagion seem to be both delaying and containing at the same time with little pushback to defeat the virus. With this predicament I will not be proposing a meeting for a day of Oral Surgery shared experiences until early next year.

Locally we tread gingerly relying on the hope that our elective and emergency patients are not from epi-centres or indeed friends of those in infected surrounds. The annual holiday for us may well be seen as welcome relief from PPE in our own back yard rather than an exotic educational venue in the Alps!

Eric Carter